Thursday, December 2, 2010

FREE download of our EP!

Thanks to Dis-Organ-Ized Netlabel for the fucking awesome flyer!

1. Intro
2. Infernal Demise
3. Dematerialized In Seconds
4. Arrow Valley
5. Lacerated Arteries
6. Katana Through The Neck [Instrumental]
7. Seppuku
8. Skin Ripper
9. Maggoted
10. Exsanguination
Total playing time: 17:47

FREE DOWNLOAD: click here


Yeah, I know this is a re-post, but I feel this EP didn't get enough listens. It was really cool of D-O-I to release this from the label, and that helped out with advertising/promotion, but even then, it's hard to get more than 30 listeners with our situation, so I'm hoping this post will get this EP some listens.

As for recommendations, you might like the EP if you like any of the following bands: Blue Holocaust, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Last Days of Humanity, Haemorrhage, old Carcass, Blood Duster, Cattle Decapitation and Impetigo. The EP has some similar sounds to these bands in regards of either production, similar riffing, or both.
(Seriously, I'm not just name-dropping)

If you like this EP: that's great! If you hate this EP: well, at least you listened to it. If you didn't listen to it: give it a try and download it and check it out! Thanks to everyone who listened to our music. All feedback is appreciated.